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'It's your lucky day': City banker's words to 'victim of sex attack'

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Brian Witty, 41, tells jurors he 'must have a poor judge of character'
Former Captain in the Paras says alleged victims 'must have a screw loose'
He denies three counts of rape and one of sexual assault

PUBLISHED: 22:27, 11 April 2012 | UPDATED: 09:44, 12 April 2012
Daily Mail

Left: Ex-soldier: Brian Witty, a former captain in the parachute regiment, is accused of raping three women and sexually assaulting another

A city banker accused of being a serial rapist told one of his alleged victims when she picked him on a dating website: ‘It’s your lucky day’.

But instead of meeting the man of her dreams, the woman was reduced to tears after allegedly being attacked in an alleyway.

Brian Witty, 41, a former captain in the Parachute Regiment, is alleged to have carried out three rapes and a sexual assault over a 16-year period.

Despite being arrested after each of the first three alleged attacks, he was only charged after the fourth woman made a complaint against him.

None of his alleged victims had ever met each other, a court heard.

Questioned why four women had reported him to police, Witty told jurors: ‘I was a poor judge of character.’ He also claimed that his accusers ‘must have a screw loose’.

Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court in south London heard Witty had a ‘compulsive’ need for sex after only a few hours with women.

Jurors were told that when Witty was rebuffed by the first woman in 1995, he jumped out of bed and said: ‘But I’m a good looking bloke.’

He allegedly told Miss A, a nanny he met in the Slug and Lettuce, Fulham, that ‘No means yes’ when she refused his advances in his former flat in Kensington, even after she replied: ‘No definitely means no.’

After falling asleep with her clothes on, she claims she awoke to find Witty ‘painfully’ forcing her to have sex.

In 2006, the financier is alleged to have ‘forcefully’ sexually assaulted recruitment consultant Miss B in a Covent Garden alleyway after a drunken date arranged through the website

He had previously emailed the 25-year-old to say picking him was her ‘lucky day’ and promised her ‘all day laughter’. But the court heard she was in tears when she arrived home later that night.


Left: City watering hole: Abacus, a bar on Cornhill, next to the Royal Exchange in the Square Mile, where Witty claimed to have made eye contact with an alleged victim as she ate chicken 'suggestively'

In 2008, he dated Miss C, who he met by chance in the Pitcher and Piano pub in the City after he saw her ‘suggestively’ eating a chicken skewer.

A few days later they met up, and Witty allegedly raped her in his riverside flat where the court heard he keeps his toy soldier collection.

Edmund Gritt, prosecuting, has told jurors that during the alleged attack Witty grabbed Miss C’s wrists and said ‘he had been in the army, was still a trainer and could do whatever he wanted, even kill her’ and called her an ‘African ****’.
Witty, originally from Hull, was finally charged after Miss D, a blonde 42-year-old oil company worker he met through the same website, alleged she was raped by him at his flat.

During a meeting in The Anglers, a riverside pub in Teddington, south London, he allegedly told Miss D ‘he had been in the Parachute Regiment and had killed people.’
Back at his flat, he forced Miss D to have sex – and she fled the flat ‘shaking and crying’ and immediately told police who arrested Witty within two-and-a-half hours.

Left: 'Flash': Witty claimed Miss D exposed her breasts to him in the bar of this pub in Teddington, Middlesex, before returning with him to his house for sex


The previous cases against Witty, a director at City firm Marsh were then re-opened.

In a police interview he said: ‘Once I’ve had sex, sometimes if I don’t see the future in that I can be quite unemotional ... I really do believe that my mistake, if any mistake, is one of thinking with my **** and then you know I’m paying for it later ... some ladies get very upset.’

Edmund Gritt, prosecuting, reminded Witty about comments made to police when the first two women had accused him.
‘In 2006 your view of Miss B, as you said in your interview was “she must have a screw loose”. That was what you said in 1995 ... “she’s got a bloody screw loose”.’

Witty, wearing a grey pinstripe suit, white shirt and blue tie agreed he had made the comments to police.

article-2128364-128a9f40000005dc-319_634x477_1.jpg'I think she had a screw loose': In his defence, Witty told Kingston Crown Court that he 'must have a poor judge of character' for ending up with women who subsequently accused him of attacking them

Mr Gritt also asked him whether he considered ‘getting to know people better’ before having sex with them.

Witty said: ‘That’s a ridiculous thing to say. I’ve not done anything wrong, I’ve not raped or sexually assaulted anyone, why should I go and think about what I do? That just doesn’t make sense.’

Asked if he wondered why women ‘make false accusations against him’, Witty said: ‘I wasn’t living my life around why people were doing these things, so no.’

He added: ‘Obviously I was a poor judge of character, if that’s what you want me to say.’

The father-of-two, of Teddington, south London, denies three rapes and one charge of sexual assault between 1995 and 2011.

The trial continues.

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