This is the joint website of  Women Against Rape and Black Women's Rape Action Project. Both organisations are based on self-help and provide support, legal information and advocacy. We campaign for justice and protection for all women and girls, including asylum seekers, who have suffered sexual, domestic and/or racist violence.

WAR was founded in 1976. It has won changes in the law, such as making rape in marriage a crime, set legal precedents and achieved compensation for many women. BWRAP was founded in 1991. It focuses on getting justice for women of colour, bringing out the particular discrimination they face. It has prevented the deportation of many rape survivors. Both organisations are multiracial.




UPDATE: Women on hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood, Tuesday 9 March

STOP PRESS: Twelve women released from Yarl’s Wood yesterday!!! We’ll have more news by the end of the day.


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John Mc Donnell’s Early Day Motion 919 now has 32 signatures – please press your MP to sign

Mothers in Yarl’s Wood join the Mothers March

Verna, a single mother of eight children, told us that mothers on hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood Mothers will be taking their own action in Yarl’s Wood during the Mothers March this Saturday 13 March. They plan a mass letter writing campaign to the Queen, from mothers to a mother, to ask her to intervene to press for their release and to be reunited with their children.

I left my eight children behind in St Lucia when I fled here in fear of my life. I’ve been on hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood since 5 February. I won the right to stay in the UK but the Home Office appealed against the judgement and I have been kept in detention. My first born has turned 18 and my last baby doesn’t even know me. She is six years old now and I haven’t seen her for almost that long. No kids should have to be away from their mum for so long. The Mothers’ Campaign petition shows to everybody what we go through – lots of mothers in Yarl’s Wood are like me. People need to hear us moms and help get us out - justice needs to be done.

All African Women’s Group members, recently released from Yarl’s Wood or other detention centres, will march with the banner:





The Sunday Telegraph carried an article The strange case of the vanishing hunger strike claiming that the hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood didn’t exist. Please write with your comments.

Refused Russian Family, jump to their deaths in Glasgow

Protest in memory of the three people who died in Red Road on Sunday.

Tuesday 9th March, 11.00 am, Home Office Reporting Centre, Festival Court, 200 Brand Street, Glasgow, G51 1DH

Residents of Red Road have asked the Unity Centre for help with a demonstration. The three people, a woman and two men, who died are thought to have lived in Red Road for two months.

Neighbours have told Unity that Strathclyde police visited the people's flat on the 15th floor last Friday to tell them that their asylum case had been refused and that they would have to leave the flat. In our experience the police only come to the door of a refused asylum seeker at the request of the landlord after the family have refused to leave their accommodation. So far, the YMCA who were landlords for the three are refusing to comment to the media.

Contact: The UNITY Centre, 30 Ibrox Street, Glasgow, G51 1AQ 0141 427 7992,


Statement by Hunger Strikers @ Harmondsworth

As we want the world to know about our hunger strike we want the world to know why,

1. The Home Office do not respect the medical report about the detainees and that is on the case of one guy from China in Harmondsworth. He is there for a long long time and the guy needs mental health care

2. A guy from Lebanon named also needs a mental health care and hospitalization

3. A guy from Russia is losing his liver and needs real health care. He is married to a British Citizen for 10 years and his daughter is more than 8 years old and she was born in UK as was his son who is now 3 years old.

4. A guy named Nidal has many medical reports one from NHS one from a doctor and one from the health care centre say he is not fit to fly but the Home Office did not take that reports and he was supposed to be removed on the 25-02-2010 and he had to stop it by the High Court he has Angina

5. Muhamad needs professional health care

More info: National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns

Hunger strikes in detention centre in Bologna, Milan & Rome, Italy

In the Corelli CIE (Centre for Identification and Expulsion) in Milan about 100 women, trans and men in detention have been on hunger strike since 3 March, now they are on a rolling hunger strike, against the law which allows a detention period of six months. Hunger strikers inside are also protesting against the jailing of eight anti-racists from Turin who supported them. Hunger strikers are supported by anti-racists who bring water and fruit juices to the centre and keep constantly in touch with the detainees. In Rome about 20 detainees continue the hunger strike; some started autonomously before the others, have been going 10 days without food and are much weakened. In Milan the co-op which is in charge of the Corelli CIE does not allow people to bring juices and drinks from outside. Every detainee is given half a litre of water in the morning and half in the evening. In Bologna one detainee continues in the hunger strike by himself and for personal reasons. Detainees in Bologna have not answered the calls from outside: it seems that detainees are allegedly given drugged food, so when they answer the calls they sound completely stupefied and asleep no matter at what time they are called.

Four testimonies from hunger strikers, three from the trans’ section and one from the women’s section, describing horrendous conditions at the Centre at: (we are not complicit)

Other news:

“Reason For Refusal received in a Cote d'Ivoire asylum case” shows the reliability of UKBA’s assessment of life threatening situations.

"You claim that you could not relocate to the area where your parents are living as you fear attacks from guerrillas. However, information from the World Wide Fund for nature confirms that guerrillas (sic) are not native to that part of the country and in any event there are few recorded incidents of primates attacking humans unless their natural habitat is disturbed or their young threatened". . . . Priceless.